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Common Mistakes in Wedding Event Planning

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Planning a wedding event can be a huge commitment. Can you imagine having the responsibility to make everything go well for a couple? Weddings are usually done once in a lifetime, thus people try to make it special by hiring the right event specialist. However, there are some mistakes that usually happen during the event planning process. Here are some of them.

Not getting everything on paper

Having everything on paper is a great way to secure everything. A lot of wedding event specialist make the mistake of simply making deals with contractors and freelancers through handshakes. No matter how many times you’ve worked with these individuals and companies, it is imperative that you get it written on paper. This guarantees that they are going to meet their end.

Not rehearsing enough

Rehearsing the bride, groom, best men and other people that will play a major role in the wedding can be a disaster waiting to happen. It is important that the rehearsal is done at least twice in order to make sure that everyone remembers their roles.

Not sending the invites too soon

It is important for the event organizer to make sure that everything is planned as early as possible. Keep in mind that the bigger the wedding is, the more difficult it is to invite people and make them go to the wedding. There are instances when you need to send the invitations 8 to 10 months ahead of the wedding.

Manpower issues

There are instances when event specialists fail to hire the right people that can cover for certain tasks. Instead, some roles overlap making the entire process more prone to committing mistakes along the way. A lot of event specialists that lack funding usually does this.

It is important for event managers to know exactly the cost of the entire event. Make sure that the event specialist checks the roles of each person and even vendors and contractors. It is also imperative to be strict when it comes to the hiring process because you want someone who is actually reliable especially during the stressful situations of wedding preparation.

Not being able to solve unforeseen problems

A lot of event managers have to deal with unforeseen problems. There are problems that may pop up during the last minute of the preparation of the wedding. It is important to always have a Plan B and even a Plan C if necessary. This makes it possible for the event planner to make sure that the wedding is going smoothly from start to finish.

It is imperative as well that you are going to do a risk assessment about different things that can happen to ruin the wedding. For instance, if the wedding is going to be held outdoors, is there an option B in case it rains?

Wedding event planners are such a great blessing for couples. Making a wedding go smoothly can be easier said than done. And in reality, DIY is next to impossible. There are instances when you need experience and knowledge of the entire wedding event process in order to make everything run smoothly.

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